Joining the League

The Columbia Tennis League offers a variety of team tennis programs year-round. Children and adults can participate in team tennis in the Spring and Fall in a variety of different age-based categories. Players can also pair up with a partner and play Mixed Doubles and Combo Doubles in the summer.. Super Seniors (60+) and Super Duper Seniors (70+) have their own leagues that play in late fall.

If you are completely new to tennis, give Nan Smith a call @ 240-4694 and she can get you started on finding a beginner's team. If you have played tennis recreationally, but never in a league, try talking to the pros at some of the local facilities. They know the "regulars" and can probably help guide you toward a team at the appropriate NTRP level.

You will need an NTRP rating to participate in league tennis. Players with equal ratings participate in the same divisions. If you have played league tennis in any state within the last 5 years, you have an NTRP rating. If you have not played within the last 5 years (or not played at all), you must self-rate when you sign up for your team. The self-rating guidelines are here.

Once you find a team, you'll need to register online for the team through TennisLink. There will be a registration fee (amount varies depending on the league) and a $3 TennisLink fee.

To participate in league tennis, all players must be a member of USTA. To join USTA, click here.

That's all there is to it! So pick up a racket and start swinging!

The Columbia Tennis League welcomes all people who play, watch, support or enjoy the game of tennis into our events, programs, membership and leadership and will not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, sex, race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, color, physical condition or national origin.  Moreover, we believe that the growth of tennis hinges on effective outreach to groups that have not traditionally been heavily involved in the sport and we will actively solicit and support the participation of such groups.